Using IDOCs to call a BAPI

SAP ERP supports a variety of interface standards to ensure seamless integration with other systems and applications. Here is a short list of common interface standards used in SAP ERP ECC and S/4 Hana along with brief descriptions: In SAP S/4 Hana the focus has shifted towards using APIs based on Odata for real-time integration. […]

UiPath for SAP script automations

SAP ERP offers a wide range of tools designed for automated data processing. Some of these tools are already on the market for decades and some are relatively new and exclusive for S/4Hana or BTP scenarios. In this example we want to make use of SAP script access by using UiPath Studio for creating Buisness […]

How to add a factory action to a Fiori Elements App

In SAP ECC the „Frontend“ Development was done by using SAP Dynpro (Dynamic Programming) in combination with process before outcome (PBO) and process after input (PAI) logic. It allowed developers to design interactive interfaces and customizable screens for SAP applications enabling users to interact with the system in a user friendly way. Dynpro screens are […]

Validation routine for a SAP Fiori Elements APP

SAP Fiori Elements is a framework provided by SAP for simplifying the development of SAP Fiori apps. It offers pre-built templates based on best practices, automating UI and functionality creation. Fiori Elements apps are primarily data-driven, handling data retrieval and reducing the need for manual coding. The framework ensures a consistent user experience across different […]

Enhancement point implementation

Over the years SAP has developed different customer modification technologies. SAP consultants should ideally be familiar with all of them because they can be helpful to customize the system to fit the specific processes requirement. Modifications on SAP standard programs require an access key and are not recommended in the first place because they will […]

How to use SETS and RANGES in ABAP

A set is a way of organizing data by grouping related values together and giving them a name. Sets can be used to create hierarchies and they can contain one or more characteristics that are individual fields. Characteristics might represent an account number, cost center or business area. Sets are easy to create and maintain […]

Migration Cockpit S/4HANA

The SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit is a new Fiori based application tool (App ID F3473 – Migrate Your Data) that helps to migrate data by using migration objects. In SAP ECC this was done mostly by using the transaction LSMW Legacy System Migration Workbench (Guide for uploading FI postings). The LSMW transaction is still present […]

Upload General Journal Entries S/4Hana Fiori App

SAP Fiori is a UX (User Experience) design system developed by SAP that provides a set of applications called SAP Fiori apps. These apps have a consistent modern design and cover various business processes such as financials, human resources and procurement and so on. They are built using the SAPUI5 technology and are often used […]

User Exit Validation for Intercompany postings

To realise intercompany transactions in SAP you need to specify a trading partner for each transaction. This trading partner represents a company that is doing the transaction with your company code. Intercompany transactions can be done at either the general ledger level or the sub-ledger level. Since invoices are often needed for some intercompany transactions […]

Log Table to prevent duplicate processing

IT application controls are part of an internal control principle that is defined by accounting and auditing and helps an organization to operate in an effective and efficient way and fulfill compliance guidelines, law regulations and policies. In a more broader concept internal controls means to manage and control the risks that an organization has […]